Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Place, New Face

Blog face, that is.

Recap: I have been blogging intermittently while seeking my higher ed degrees - mostly about the interesting stuff. I got my Spanish degree in Salamanca, Spain, as an undergrad student, which is where my blog was born. After graduation, I went on to Andalusia, Spain, to study how to live a traveler's life on a meager budget and how to speak Spanish almost entirely without consonants. Finally, this past summer I spent in Buenos Aires, Argentina, doing the required international project for my slightly more official Master of Public Service degree at the Clinton School.

Where is she now?
I have come full circle, my faithful friends. I was born in Northwest, Arkansas, and somehow have ended up back here after 24 years and approximately 9 cities. My education continues with the final service project for the Clinton School. If you're still there with me, I invite you to follow along through this rather hazy, unblazed trail I call Finding A Career.

It will actually be a little more abstract and a little less boring (I hope) than it may sound. My real intention with the continuation of this blog is to define Public Service and learn how to live it. My route will follow only one of many possibilities, but I hope it intersects with others' public service projects, definitions, and values, whether of my fellow CSPS friends and colleagues or other service-oriented peers.

So, I invite you to follow me, comment and offer feedback, and share stories on my newest adventure!

P.S. The blog is currently undergoing construction and may take a few more face lifts before I get it just right.