Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Todos los dias son como…


I just had my first normal weekend in Salamanca, and it was pretty great. I watched the Bourne Identity in Spanish on Friday night because apparently I’m missing out since I haven’t seen the Bourne series yet. The third is still playing in the theater here, so if I watch the second one soon enough, I can see the third one on the big screen in Spanish! I love the movies here because they are so much cheaper than in the States. I think the reason is because nights out in Spain start at 1am, so what are you supposed to do between dinner (which ends at 10 or so) until 1? Go watch a movie of course, and then go out and spend more money and drinks and such.

The next night we went out for tapas, then a tarta at my new favorite café called Mandala. There are so many fruit juices, and I’m not talking about OceanSpray. At Mandala they make their juices fresh and right now my favorite flavor is peach, but I am anxious to try more. Then we walked around the city for a while. It was really nice and quite a bit more relaxing than the weekends that we travel.

Right now is sort of a transition time at school – all of the Spanish students just started school and I’m about to finish my first month of study and start the actual trimester. I can’t wait because I think my classes will be a lot more interesting during the trimester than they have been this month. I will take Art History and 20th Century Spanish Literature rather than the writing and oral classes that I had this month. Home has been a little crazy, too. Raymond, the French man that was staying with us just left and three Italian girls just moved in. That makes 7 of us in the house now plus our senora (and by house, I mean apartment)! The Italian girls are only staying for 8 days and Anne, the German girl that moved in around the same time Gina and I did, is also leaving after this week L. I really love that so many people live with us all the time, I’ve run into quite a few languages since I’ve been here.

So this is how everyday life is for me, and I’m loving it so much. I have really good news…I posted pictures! They are on Facebook, but here is the link to the album. I’m not finished labeling them yet, but be patient, I’ll get to it. Also, these are only the pictures from before I arrived in Salamanca, I have many more pictures to put up, and I will post the link in my blogs as I put them on facebook. I hope it works! Enjoy… http://arkansas.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2104242&l=b0db0&id=20609978


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