Saturday, June 25, 2011

Un Cumpleaños Muy Feliz

It was a very happy birthday indeed!

Remember the logic model pic in the last food post? It had a little chocolate covered, dulce de leche topped cookie? Well, this here tarta is its BIG sister. And also my birthday cake:) WOW!

 I have a lot of THANK YOUs to go around. First, thanks to Daniela and Rosario for this decadent tarta! And thanks to all of those who helped me eat it. I've never had a school or office party because I'm always on vacation during my birthday (que pena, no?), and they did this one up fancy! (And then let me off early to enjoy the afternoon).

Thanks to who told me about La Galeria Pacifico. I felt like such a posh Porteña wandering around this beautiful gallery mall all afternoon:

Despite the alluring elegance of the art and high fashion, it's only for looking and not for buying (at least for a broke student like me).

Thank you to the girls for taking me out to Tango...and to Allyson for making sure I got that glass of Malbec I had been craving all day.

We danced the night away...well, we tried anyway. It being the first lesson, I was doing more stumbling than dancing, but that brings me to my next declaration of gratitude. To my dance partners, especially Santo, I really appreciate the patience and time you spent trying to teach my two uncoordinated feet to move like a Tango dancer's. And I'm really sorry if you're own feet were a little sore the next day. It must have taken 10 tries for me to stop stepping on toes and to master just the first sequence of steps!

Not such good form.
That's better...concentrate.
Okay, it's better that we forget the technicalities and just dance!
And finally, many thanks and Argentine besos (kisses) to those who wished me happy birthday from afar via facebook, phone, and email. I miss you all so much and it meant a lot to hear from you!! (Seriously, more than you know).

To my fellow classmates...lots of CSPS love! Keep writing - I enjoy hearing about all your adventures on blog and facebook. I read it all! Best of luck in this last half of IPSP...may it be filled with many more kumbaya moments and flat Stanley-worthy photo ops!

And of course, to my family and friends...I miss you! See you in five short weeks, but until then...stay cool!

Finally, to MADDIE - I hope you're French birthday was every bit as good as my Argentine one!! I miss you and can't wait to hear all about it. Here's to 13 years of friendship and twin-sisterhood. Love you!!!


Pam said...

Glad you had a happy birthday and made it to Gallerios Pacifico and to try to learn tango. What a delightful birthday.

Besos and felicidados,


Tracy said...

I think that outdoes all of the birthday cakes I have made for you in years

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