Monday, July 25, 2011


Maybe it's because it's my last name. Or maybe it's because I'm an Arkansan and the wellbeing of our state depends on it's production. Or maybe it was simply a spectacularly ingenious exhibition in itself, but I was moved by what I found in the Palais de Glace building the other day.

The idea is this: one person = one grain of rice. I hope the photos speak for themselves.

Behind every grain of rice, there is a story to tell.

Illiterate adults in Argentina

Argentina 2 England 1- Aztec Stadium, Mexico 6/22/1986

People who follow Justin Beiber in Twitter
L: Population of Cancun, Mexico, 2011. R: Pop. of Cancun, 1970

Americans that vacation in Cancun every year

People living with HIV in South America

People living with HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa
People that have applied for permanent resident status in Argentina since the year 2000. TL: Americans. TR: Chileans. BL: Koreans. BR: Ukranians (for Anatoliy;)

 TL: Senators that voted in favor of gay marriage (Argentina), 7/15/2010
 TC: Senators that voted against gay marriage, 7/15/2010
 TR: Senators that abstained from voting regarding the gay marriage law
 BL: Alejandro Freire and Jose Marie di Bello, first gay couple to marry
 BR: Angela and Vanesa, first gay couple to divorce

Children from age 5 to 17 that work in Latin America

L: People that live in extreme poverty in Argentina, according to Catholic University of Argentina statistics
R: People that live in extreme poverty in Argentina, according to government statistics
The biggest of all: People in Latin America that live on less than $2 per day.

Credit for this insightful, creative, and poignant exhibit:

Gallo (Spanish brand of grains)
in collaboration with
"Of all the people in all the world" is a creation of the collection of the English theater Stan's Cafe, originating in Birmingham. Since 2003, [the exhibitionists] have been traveling the world and have already visited more than 48 cities in Europe and North America, surprising everyone with their particular way of presenting statistics.


Anatoliy said...

Wow, there are lots of Ukrainians that apply for residency in Argentina :). What a great exhibition overall! Definitely puts things in perspective. Thanks for sharing Jessi!

Melissa said...

I loved this! Very interesting!

Tracy said...

There are some really creative people in this world, aren't there? That really gives you a good visual.....much more meaningful that way than just reading the numbers.

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