Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flashback: The First Impression

You guys keep asking what my first impression of Buenos Aires has been. I usually respond something like, "It's great, but it certainly won't be the last impression."

Here are some photos to give you a preview of my first weekend here. The couple I stayed with took me on a mini-vacation to their weekend home on the river. We had a relaxing fall evening complete with my first, true parrillada, or Argentine BBQ.

So, this is not a representation of the typical Buenos Aires. Soon to come are pictures of the bustling, cosmopolitan city so you can see how diverse this place really is!

Argentine flag that adorns the stern of every boat.

La vista - The view.

Los veleros - Sailboats.

El crucero - The speedboat that transports us from the marina along the canals to the house. It's name is "La Pepineta."

Los colores hermosos del otoƱo - It's fall in Buenos Aires, and the trees are changing color!

Tayson - Tyson. The dog we rented for the weekend. Yes, that's right. We rented two dogs to play with from a neighbor down the canal.

I wish I could remember the word she told me for mimosa flower. They remind me of our old house in Austin, TX, that had a mimosa tree in the backyard.

La Casa - Before we ever arrived at the house, I was playing the "What If..." game with them. I basically described this house perfectly as the one I would want if I had my own place on the river: small and white with a huge deck to sit outside and read.

La Parrillada - the Argentine BBQ. The true parrillada is done with no seasonings or extra flavorings. It's only the meat flavored by the fire from the grill. And it's delicious! We had chorizo (Spanish sausage), morcilla (blood sausage), chinchulin (which I'm pretty sure is the intestine), pork ribs, lamb, and the finale - Argentine beef (not sure what cut). And, yes, I ate it all.

Luz de la Luna - They named their cottage "Moonlight."

Arcoiris - The early morning rainbow that accompanied me back to the city.


jasmine said...

jessi, this is amazing!! i am LOVING your pictures! you rock!

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