Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Heart AR!

Yes, I heart them both!

This is a picture of HelpArgentina's logo - the organization that matched me with my IPSP partner organization.

It reminded me of the joke that I have with the couple that I've been staying with for the past five nights.

On our first night at dinner, the seƱor asked me if I knew where the name of my own state came from. I told him 'no' with a little hesitation. He told me that it was named for our mutual friend, Sr. L, who lived in Argentina for a while before moving to the States. So, the United States has a Kansas, yes. But it also has an ARkansas, or Argentina's Kansas!

I told him, as an Arkansan, I never knew that. But that it must mean he and I have something in common! It may not be the funniest joke out there, but it was the beginning of several that we've shared over the past five days, so it's my favorite.

I'm so fortunate to have been able to stay with a family for a few days while I got acquainted with the city. It was nice to have people fuss over me and look after me like a grandchild. I'm so thankful for them for opening up their home to me, and to Sr. L for introducing us!


Pam said...

Oh my. You have had an experience. It will get better and you will love being a porteno soon. Get out and walk and you'll get your bearings once you are in the apartment.

We told you that you would have a interesting and good time with our friends. I'm so glad they opened their home up to you.

Besos to all our friends in Argentina and a big one for you!!!

LOVE the blog


Jessi said...

Pam, it's so good to hear your comments! So far, I've had a wonderful time in the city. I'm still trying to figure some things out, but I know it will all come together soon!

Besos argentinos!


Spencer Frederick Lucker said...

I love the AR joke...too funny. Enjoying reading your blog, and so happy that you made it safely to ARg.

As a fellow Arkansan, I gotta throw it out there: the word Arkansas comes from the name given to the Quapaw indians who lived in the area pre-Anglo. I think it is Algonquian or some other native American language.


P.S. I have a phone meeting with a contact at Minga on Tuesday....SO nervous! I hope my Spanish isn't too rusty

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